About Us


Thompson Insurance was founded in 1930 by LL “Bob” Thompson. He sold insurance from his home on Elizabeth Street, insuring Model T Fords. He told the story of the first hail storm hitting the ragtops and the claim service launched his success!

Bob moved the office uptown to 102 S. Main St where it is now housed. Bob’s son, Jimmie, joined the business, and he retired in 1989. Jimmie’s two sons, Steve and Bart, joined the business in 1974 until Bart’s untimely death.

Steve is the present owner and with his son, Trent, and nephew, Levi Thompson, their company is now a truly successful family business. Levi, who has just finished his training in the State Auto Pacesetter. His wife, Nan, sells life insurance for the business as well.

The Thompsons also have a branch office in Thornville, Ohio. Our staff is dedicated to your care with courteous and friendly attention. They believe in their community and have served in numerous leadership positions.

Being local independent agents, Thompson Insurance can design insurance coverage that is right for you and your family. The agency represents several different companies, selling auto, home, renters, motorcycle, life and business insurance.

Thompson Insurance’s convenient hours are Monday through Friday from 8 AM-5 PM and Saturday, 9 AM-Noon at the New Lexington office only. Give Thompson Insurance at the New Lexington office a call at (740) 342-1986 or call their Thornville office at (740) 246-6100.

Thompson Insurance is here for you, offering first class service for 86 years!